Shenzhen xingjialin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production, sales and service as one of the national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise, focus on intelligent electric tailgate lift system, car navigation systems, car security alarm positioning system and other high-tech products in the field of business development has reached more than 13 years.
      Modified lead fashion, to create intelligent products, the company modified electric lifting system, power tailgate, completely subvert the traditional manual mode, follow the "lossless conversion" principle, to the intelligence oriented, became the most characteristic in the market, has been selling a number of domestic and foreign cars up to 2 mature regions, hundreds of models, ten a week more than the speed of development of the industry forefront。
      The company Beidou navigation products supporting supplies, R & D capability won several national awards, as many as 500 types of products.
Automotive safety and security positioning system installed two passengers, dangerous cars, large trucks, group of government team, financial credit team, logistics and transport fleet, car rental companies, etc..
      The company's product sales and service network all over the country 35 provinces, municipalities, more than and 100 4S stores, and the pre installed, overseas markets.
      The company firmly based on scientific and technological innovation, concentrate on product technology research and development, pay attention to product quality and integrity services. Brings together a large number of professional and technical fields of outstanding talent, R & D personnel with a wealth of theoretical knowledge and research and development experience in the development of a huge breakthrough, the introduction of a series of the industry's high-end high-end boutique differentiation.
      Companies adhere to the scientific management of enterprises, the operation of international quality management system standards of the automotive industry the highest standards of ISO/TS16949, continuous improvement of management mode and production process, ensure each product to the customer for the best quality state.
      A subsidiary of Guangdong Star Airlines Co. Ltd, as a place of production support company, located in Guangdong County of Pingyuan province Meizhou City zhe Zhen Feng Village Pingyuan County eco industrial park two, covers an area of 40 acres. A total investment of 320 million yuan to build, convenient transportation, only 46 kilometers away from Meizhou City, 206 National Road and highway S225 line, S332 line and runs through them. The company has a total of five large buildings, including the production of a total of 20000 square meters of a total of three square meters of office buildings, a total of 3000 square meters; a total of a total of 4000 square meters of dormitory; and in December 2014 officially opened.
      Order carrying capacity:
      Single month bearing capacity of 40 thousand - 80 thousand units, there are readily available in the area of 40 acres of Beidou Industrial Park plant ready to expand production line at any time;
Company honor:
* 2009 won ten new brand award;
* in 2010 by the automotive electronics industry ten annual best-selling product award;
* 2010 was the most popular consumer car audio brand award;
* 2010 by credit Star car navigation brand award;
It was 2010 Chinese quality AAA grade credit enterprise;
Won the best service award in 2010;
It was 2011 ten well-known brand award;
In 2011 by the Chinese famous brand award;
By 2012 the automotive industry through the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system certification;
By 2012 the automotive industry through the ISO9001:2009 quality system certification;
By 2012 China car information promotion industry alliance executive director of the unit;
In 2013 through the ISO14001 environmental management certification;
* in 2013 won the second China car market after the high-end wealth Pyramid award;
* in 2013 by JT/T794-2011, JT/T808-2011 GB/T 19056-2012 standard, the new national standard certification;
In 2013 won the Golden Lion Award ITS products;
* 2013 was the most popular ITS product award;
* 2013 won the best brand award ten;
* in 2013 by the Beidou industry alliance application award;
* 2013 recognized by the software enterprise;
* 2014 by Chinese satellite navigation operators recommended brand award;
* 2014 to undertake national Beidou navigation major project and successfully closed;
* 2014 identified by national hi tech enterprises;
* in 2015 won the "honor of Shenzhen famous brand";
* 2015 won the outstanding innovation of automotive electronic product science and technology award;
* in 2015 won the "Gold Award reputation" car networking;
* 2015 won the "Shenzhen famous brand" title;
* 2015 won the sixth session of China Satellite Navigation Conference Beidou satellite navigation Innovation Award (National)
* 2015 to undertake national Beidou navigation major project and successfully closed;
* 2015 to participate in the Chinese second generation satellite navigation system of major special standard "global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to write navigation antenna performance requirements and test methods" (the country's official website has been released)
* 2015 to participate in the Chinese second generation satellite navigation system of major special standard "global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to write the positioning equipment general specification" (the country's official website has been released)

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